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The Marshall Pass

The Curtain Society

Big Eyed Rabbit

The Curtis Mayflower

Scott Ricciuti & Pistol Whipped

Beg, Scream & Shout!

Tripleplus Feelgood

Sam James

Shana Morrison

The Hurricane Horns

The Deadites

The Church of the Howl

Collapsible Three

 The Curtis Mayflower

  • “Fourth Wall (single)” October 2014
  • “King of the Fools (single)” August 2014
  • “Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack” January 2014
  • “Live at The Dive EP” February 2013

The Marshall Pass

  • “Phantom Train” December 2012

Big Eyed Rabbit

  • Big Eyed Rabbit – August 2012

Scott Ricciuti & Pistol Whipped

  • Like The Red Haunts The Wine – April 2012

Beg, Scream & Shout!

  • No Amount of Alcohol – April 2011

James Keyes

  •  “The Middle” – 2013
  • “Devil Take The Hindmost” – 2011

Zack Borer

  • Home – May 2007

The Al Arsenault Blues Band

  • Hat Full of Blues – 2007

The Curtain Society Albums

  • Every Corner of the Room (CD) – Orcaphat Records – 2005
  • Life is Long, Still (CD) – Bedazzled Records – 1996
  • Inertia (CD) – Bedazzled Records – 1995


  • Volume, Tone, Tempo (CD) – Bedazzled Records – 2000
  • Singles, compilations
  • Every Corner of the Room – Worcester Magazine Turtle Boy Music Awards CD 2008
  • Sleigh Ride – A Very Local Christmas 2003, Bedazzled Records X-Mas Disc 1997
  • No Wonder – It’s Your Local Music 2002
  • Plaster – Several Bands Galore – Claire Records 1998
  • Swing/Evanston – Splashed with Many a Speck – Dewdrops Records 1997
  • Riverful Losing Today Magazine 1997
  • Mouthwithout (version 2) – Nigh – Castle von Buhler Records 1997
  • Mouthwithout b/w Swamp Thing – 7″ vinyl – Bedazzled Records 1997
  • Ferris Wheel – Radio Hepcats Vol. 1 1996
  • Gravity – Anon – Castle von Buhler Records 1995
  • Cradle – Woke Up Smiling – Bedazzled Records 1995
  • Love Ends – Soon – Castle von Buhler Records 1994

Rarities These songs and discs can sometimes be found through collectors, bootlegs and on the web

  • Birds Fly Information (single) Boston Does Boston Benefit Comp. – 2014
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration (4 song CD) – 1998
  • Two Wonderful Stars
  • Beautiful Song
  • Beautiful Dub (remix)
  • Sleigh Ride
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration (4 song CD) – 1998
  • Ocean Rain – Echo & the Bunnymen – cover, unreleased
  • Across the Universe – The Beatles – cover, unreleased
  • Theme From Tremolo Lounge unreleased
  • I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones – cover, unreleased
  • Do They Know It’s Christmas – performed under the name Clanging Chimes of Doom, featuring guest singers – 2003

Other appearances

  • Solo – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen A Very Local Christmas 2003
  • Drums – Mike Duffy ‘Destined to be a Rumor’ (cd)
  • Drums – Daniel Roughan (cd)
  • Drums – Tim Hansen ‘Bless My Soul’ (cd)
  • Drums – Denis Coughlan (cd)
From July of 2007 until May of 2013 Duncan hosted The Dive Bar Music Series. The weekly series features musicians coming together from all genres to perform for the evening. To check out who has participated in this series you can visit this website

Tweed River Music Festival

This event began in 2009 and is a grassroots music festival in Stockbridge VT. Duncan has lead the online marketing and much of the design work for the festival. For more info on this music festival visit

Green Street Music Series

The Green Street Music Series was started in January 2003 to commemorate the appearance of The Rolling Stones at The Lucky Dog (Sir Morgan’s Cove) in Worcester. The idea was to start a band that would back up singers from area bands and perform a nights worth of Rolling Stones songs. The shows have evolved in to a large production that features local talent performing music by legendary bands. To check out previous shows and to see when the next one is visit

Performed With

The Curtain Society, Mark Burgess (Chameleons UK), Jim Carrol & The Catholic Boys (RIP Jim), Troy Gonyea (Booker T. Jones, Fabulous Thunderbirds), Shana Morrison, Dana Colley (Morphine, Expanding Wasteband), Sam James, Jon Short, Jeff Lockhart, Paul Buono, Jeremy Curtis (Booker T. Jones, Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck), Johnny Trama (Dub Apocalypse, Ghosts of Jupiter), Nate Wilson, James Keyes, Keri Anderson (Whalebone Farmhouse), Michael Thibodeau (The Bee’s Knees), Zack Borer, Scott Ricciuti (HUCK, A Pony For My Birthday), The Deadites, The Giant Yes, Collapsible Three, Eileen Rose, Al Arsenault Blues Band, Denis Coughlin, Mike Duffy, Daniel Roughan, Mike Press, Kelleigh Bannen, The Wheels – Jabe Beyer, Giraffe,  DJ Shame, Brooks Milgate, Steve Mossberg, Craig Rawding, Michael Herzog, Steve Lefebvre, Green Street Music Series Band, Zac Galen, The Joshua Tree, Flock Of Assholes, Hurricane Horns, The Dive Quartet – DB Duo.

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