My dear friend and bandmate Scott Ricciuti passed away on April 5. I still haven’t found the words to express the profound impact that Scott had on my life while he was alive, and the impact that he has had on me since his death. Over the years I have had the privilege of playing music with Scott in HUCK (as a sub for the great Danny Lucas), Jim Carroll and The Catholic Boys, Shana Morrison, The Green Street Music Series, countless pick up gigs and Thursday nights at The Dive Bar in Worcester MA. More recently we had started a new original project called Pistol Whipped.

I am at a loss for words as I write this.

Here is a beautifully written article from Matt Robert. He has been adding to it as more comments and information is gathered.

This rock is on RT85 in Marlborough and was painted by friends of Scott’s. I went with some friends to visit and took these photos.

here is a collection of photos I have taken of Scott over the years.

The Pistol Whipped album, available to download for free.