11 songs recorded live in a room, one take each, capturing a moment of sincerity in great Rock and Roll writing.


The Curtis Mayflower has been busy the last 9 months putting the finishing touches on its debut album. We need your help to bring it out into the world for all to hear. Here is a little back story about the album, where we need to go, and how you can help.

In February The Curtis Mayflower (Pete Aleksi – guitar, Duncan Arsenault – drums, Jeremy Moses Curtis – bass, Brooks Milgate – keys, Craig Rawding – vocals) traveled to Lamoine, Maine with engineer Dave Westner and set up shop in an old farmhouse. With 12 channels of analog gear and some nice mics, 11 songs were recorded live in a room. One take each. The result is a batch of songs that capture a moment of sincerity in great Rock and Roll songwriting.

As explained in the pledge video, we set out to make a record. We spent the money and have done the hard work of recording, mixing and mastering. Now we want to present that record to our fans and share it with a wide range of potential newcomers and industry professionals. Reaching a goal of $5000 will enable us to do the following: