I had a great time playing this past Thursday with Dana Colley, David Goodrich, Dino Govoni and Jeremy Curtis. An entire night of improvised music, under the stars at The Dive Bar. I am continually thankful for the incredibly talented musicians who come out to play on these nights. After doing this for almost 5 years and over 70 different musicians I am just scratching the surface of the combinations of players I’d like to try. Here’s the poster for the show and a video clip that Ted Theodore shot.

The Dive Bar May 24, 2012

Here’s a song called “Hebbity Hoes & the Hobitty Hoes” from a Thursday at The Dive.

Dana Colley (Morphine, Expanding Waste Band) on Baritone sax.
Jeremy Curtis (Bow Thayer, Booker T. Jones) on bass.
David “Goody” Goodrich (Chris Smither, Peter Mulvey, Jeffery Foucault) on guitar.
Duncan Arsenault (Big Eyed Rabbit, Curtain Society, Pistol Whipped) on drums.
Dino Govoni on Tenor sax