Long Exposure

on Sep 12, 2014

Here are some 30 second exposure shots from my uncles play in Maine. Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept 2014Maine, Sept...

King of the Fools video and artwork design

on Aug 25, 2014

My band The Curtis Mayflower just released our new single “King of the Fools“. I designed the artwork using a photograph I took many years ago and producing this music video. Have a look, have a listen and...

Design Update

on Apr 8, 2014

I haven’t been keeping this site updated like I should. I’m just going to throw up a bunch of music related designs I’ve done over the past few months and maybe I’ll sort them out later....

National Sales Meeting Video

on Feb 13, 2014

National Sales Meeting Video

The Curtis Mayflower Album Design

on Feb 8, 2014

The concept for the artwork for “Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack” began with the idea that we would produce an engraved nameplate to attach to a vintage photograph that is framed and hanging my friend Bill Connor’s organ shop in Worcester MA. Bill was gracious enough to let Jeremy and I visit his shop and spend a couple hours photographing his collection of vintage organ parts and various music equipment. I shot a couple hundred photos that day and felt confident that I had gotten the album cover shot but I wasn’t sure exactly which photo it would be. Once I was able to go through the photos it was obvious that the photo that we used on the cover what the right one. I made some minor adjustments, placed the credits on the back cover and the artwork for the vinyl was done in just a few minutes. The back cover was a photograph of an old poster for Hammond...

Paraselene – Music Video

on Jan 30, 2014

Paraselene – Music Video

Video of Everything Beautiful is Under Attack

on Oct 3, 2013

Video of Everything Beautiful is Under Attack

The Curtis Mayflower – Kickstarter

on Sep 17, 2013

11 songs recorded live in a room, one take each, capturing a moment of sincerity in great Rock and Roll writing. The Curtis Mayflower has been busy the last 9 months putting the finishing touches on its debut album. We need your help to bring it out into the world for all to hear. Here is a little back story about the album, where we need to go, and how you can help. In February The Curtis Mayflower (Pete Aleksi – guitar, Duncan Arsenault – drums, Jeremy Moses Curtis – bass, Brooks Milgate – keys, Craig Rawding – vocals) traveled to Lamoine, Maine with engineer Dave Westner and set up shop in an old farmhouse. With 12 channels of analog gear and some nice mics, 11 songs were recorded live in a room. One take each. The result is a batch of songs that capture a moment of sincerity in great Rock and Roll songwriting. As explained in the...

The Curtis Mayflower at Beatniks

on Jun 18, 2013

The Curtis Mayflower is a new project that I am working on. We have finished our first album and it is out being mastered as I type. We also recently recorded over 4 hours of improvisational music for the soundtrack to the film American Mongrel. We are performing a show on July 12 in Worcester at a fantastic club called Beatnik’s. Here is a poster I designed for the show....

Welcome Benjamin

on Jun 14, 2013

Benjamin Montgomery Arsenault was born happy and healthy on June 6. Mom and baby are doing great and I will be sure to post some photos of the little man when I can. Here’s a few for now!   more pics on...

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